The 3 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to

Doubling Your Success

March 18th at 5:00pm MST & 19th 6:00PM MST

How to to Create, Build and Experience Extraordinary Success Without Changing Who You Are, Worrying about the Constant Overwhelm of Demands or the Momentum Crushing Question, "Are All My Efforts For Nothing?"

Reserve your spot at this amazing Masterclass. You will discover the 3 secrets many others have learned and resulted in greater sustained success. This is your time to become the best version of you.



Make This Your "Traction Year"

A calculated approach to transformational personal & professional growth, success and joy, aligning action to your goals in a meaningful & measurable way. Replace "distraction" with    "Dis Traction".

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Meet Jeremy R Smithson

Personal and Professional Development Coach known for creating transformational leadership & success.

I've created a strategic approach to fully owning your focused transformation. My goal is to assist in the development and growth of sustained success in a meaningful and measurable way.

Stress, strain, fear, distraction, mental limitation and overwhelm may consume each day, but with Certified High Performance Habit Coaching you will receive Transformed Confidence, Courage, Focus, and Optimism. A joy-filled, extraordinary, and successful life is waiting for you. Double your success now, stop putting yourself on hold.

As a Certified High Performance Habit Coach, or Mental Transformational Coach, I will guide you to increase clarity, energy, and purpose; while influencing those of greatest importance in both your personal and professional life.


What Makes a Great Transformational Coach?


Jeremy's Key Values

As a Mental Transformational Coach, heightened awareness to your mindset will develop. Your ability to lead, inspire, and motivate will increase as you accomplish your dreams. This is your life, become a transformational leader.

Optimism Breeds Success

A positive viewpoint welcomes positive outcomes. The highest performing leaders carry an optimistic mindset and experience heightened joy. 

Focal Point

Are you distracted? Are you meeting your deadlines and commitments? Let's create a focus to feel more productive and experience success. Power is within your fingertips.


Fear Awareness

Identify the fears preventing you from sustained success and experience transformational courage. Fear clouds the mind but courage enlightens the result.

High Performance Habit Coaching™ is a science-based curriculum that helps you achieve the skills and self-mastery in the following areas: Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity, and Influence. A true path to personal and professional transformation.

High Performance Habit Evaluation

Evaluate your high performance habits beginning with the High Performance Questionnaire. Learn what areas of high performance you can transform and what success you can start experiencing. This a no commitment evaluation, just an opportunity to learn. Begin your Transformation!

"One of the best things I can say about Jeremy as a coach is he truly believes in the program, and his enthusiasm for personal, spiritual, and professional change is contagious. He’s a great active listener and has a real skill for helping me to focus my thoughts and find productive and workable goals."


"I have had Jeremy Smithson coaching me for a few months now and we are over halfway through the courses. I have found him to be an excellent coach and see the way that the coaching has improved my life. The questions he asks are very thought-provoking and the goals we set together help me in many aspects of life. He has been an important piece in helping me overcome my roadblocks."


"Jeremy brings a good sense of reality to the subject while also incorporating his own personal experiences and struggles that go along with it. Finding success in a world of darkness is a true testament of strength. I would recommend attending his coaching anytime."


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